Saturday, March 7, 2009

Big Brother

So last night I was talking with Corbin about life. Discussing going to college, dating, you know, all the social aspects of College life. He is getting very excited. Somehow we got on the subject of getting married. I have always told my kids they should wait until they are at least 25 yrs old to get married. Over the last few years Corbin has taken on a lot of responsibility and at times seems much older that his 17 yrs. I figure he would be ok if he married right after his mission because he is so responsible. Anyway long story short I told him I could see Kortney getting married during her first year of college. She is a sweetheart and very naive. Corbin was so cute he said he would keep the guys away and he would be the one cleaning his gun on the porch when her date showed up. It was the first time I have seem him be really protective of his sister, I thought it was very sweet. There is hope for this gang, now if I could get him and Trevor to be friends I will consider my child rearing a success.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Taking time......

So usually when I am working and it is slow they offer a lot of VTO (voluntary time off) but for some reason not today. Which actually is a good thing because with all the time between calls I have been able to get up to date with the blogs. I have even had time to read extended family members like Joe & Misha, Corey and his family, ect. Can I say how much I love blogs. We started trying out facebook but to be honest I really don't care what so & so's friend is doing. I love being able to keep up on the family with what little extra time I do have these days. I will admit facebook is quick if you only have a minute.

With so much to do and so little time to do it, it is sometimes hard to take the time. I am grateful for Kristen, who must have all kinds of time (right:]), for putting together the family blog. What a great thing. Now just think if everyone participated. WOW!!!!

Anyway life is good and of course crazy busy just like the rest of you. I am looking forward to some much need me time in a few weeks. I am taking off for a long weekend with noone and nothing but my books (not school books) and my swimsuit to parts warmer than here to lay in the sun, soak up some vitamin b, and read to my hearts content. No you cannot come. I do love you though.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to school.

Wow that was a quick vacation. In fact it didn't feel like a vacation at all. I spent the first week working my shifts plus about 20 hours or so of OT, perfect for holiday spending and yet there is no time to shop. Needless to say Christmas came and went and I had to scrounge for stocking stuffers because the store was out of the usual peanuts my kids like. We had a small but nice Christmas. At first it didn't feel small (in the pocketbook) but when I added it all up I did pretty well staying within reason.

School this semester will be busy, lots of reading and plenty of quizes in most of my classes. I should be plenty busy. I am excited that if all goes well I should have my Associates degree at the end of fall 2009 semester.

Sorry about my earlier comments, I didn't mean to create a stir. I was just dissappointed that we all couldn't get together for the family party. I understand that everyone had good reasons, it just wasn't as fun without everyone there. Anyway most of us got together for New Years and it was great seeing Greg and Natasha and their family. You are welcome to stay with us anytime.

Today is the anniversary of Denton's death, it is also Aprils birthday. This year seems harder than years past, I don't really know why but we all seem to be more upset. I wonder when it will stop hurting. I know most of you didn't like Denton and you all had good reasons not too, but as always when you live with someone you learn all their personalities and even though some may drive you nuts, you look passed those because you can see the good there as well. Denton had alot of good in him. He was a great provider, he was a good dad, and he was usually a good husband. I guess that is all there is. None of us are perfect and maybe this year I am able to miss the good a little more than resent the bad. Who knows, that is enough reflection for now.
I need to get kids to bed and help with a science project that is due tomorrow and we are just starting tonight. Maybe that is what I miss, his help with all these things I hate to do.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hold on if shopping for dad. In the car on the way to April's Saturday I found out that it is not Chuck Norris but Clint Eastwood. So if you went out and bought a bunch of Chuck Norris movies take them back and exchange them for Clint Eastwood, actually it sounded like you would be safe with any old western.

The family party was lonely without everyone there. I sure wish we could all get together, put our own selfish interests aside and just enjoy one anothers company. Maybe that is too much to ask.

How about we all get together for Thanksgiving next year. It's a pretty harmless Holiday, and plenty of time to get back home. Just a thought.

Ok, so I am in the process of taking a break from studying for finals. I realized earlier today that my math final is tomorrow not Wednesday. I had planned to finish everything else today and focus on math tomorrow. No such luck, oh well, hopefully it will come back to me. I have fried my brain for tonight and now I am going to bed. Maybe if I sleep on my math book I will absorb it in my sleep? Wouldn't that be nice.

Now for my next stresser. Corbin has a girlfriend. Yes, it is true. In fact he has spent the last two evenings, plus every day last week with her, and the week before that, you get the picture. He is with her all the time. She is a nice girl but really, what can they have to talk about. If they aren't together then they are texting. It's been a while since I was his age but don't they get sick of each other? I keep telling him that if he keeps this up he is going to have to buy her a pretty nice Christmas gift or else they will be sick of each other and break up. We can hope.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tis the Season

Today is Friday and instead of going to school today was set aside as a study day for finals. I spent the last three days studying for a math test and still I'm not sure if I passed. I decided to take the day off and go shopping. I had done very little since Thanksgiving and was reminded at the dentist (did I mention that I broke a tooth and had to get a crown, merry Christmas to me.) that Christmas is only 2 weeks away. Needless to say I dragged Heidi along for company and we went to several stores. I believe I got most and then some for everyone on my list.

Family members, dad could use a new wallet, bilfold style, early movies with Chuck Norris or Charles Bronson (Yes, I'm serious), movie passes are always a good idea, and maybe black socks. Those first items were suggestions from Euniece

Korinn's birthday is next week, she is going to be 8 and getting baptized on Jan 3. She really wants Grandpa Brenchley to baptize and confirm her. I am trying to get her to allow Corbin to do the baptism so dad won't have to get wet, we will see. Of course you are all invited to join us.

Friday, November 21, 2008

So I guess I should update my own blog. Heidi is right, I rarely have time to blog, either read or write. In fact right now I am sitting in English class listening to presentations and figure I should be able to do both.

Life is pretty busy right now. I have been planning my schedule both for school and work and trying to get them to work together. Not this time. I will be going to school everyday next semester, which means laundry will be done at night and the house will always be a mess. Oh well, the kids will have to pitch in.

The kids are doing well. Corbin, Trevor and Kortney all made honor roll, Kortney even got straight A's. She was very excited about that. Corbin, and I, are both excited that he received a full tuition scholarship to Snow College, based on his grades and ACT score. He is a great example for all of us. My kids will be hearing about the importance of good grades due to this. He now just needs to worry about housing, which is very cheap, and food. He is going to try for other scholarships to help cover those expenses.

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and eat lots of turkey!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What to do.............

So what would you do if you had someones computer and it went straight to their blog page? Well you would put in a blog for them, (you all know you would) I was using Debbie's laptop to catch up on my blogs. I in to my site and was reading blogs. Well I need to update my names as my brother is changing his site. Anyway I went in to sign in and it brought me straight to here. I will update a little bit for her. She is really busy with school, work and kids. At the moment she is at a play with Trevor,Kortney, and Kenzie. Its a play that the high school is putting on and her neighbor is in it. The play is Beauty and the Beast. I am here watching here kids and Survivor.I think that I will also fold some of her laundry, as I have nothing better to do.

As for Thanksgiving, she is having dinner here at her house. My family will be here, mainly because the Seahawks play the Cowboys which are Mike and Corbin's teams! Sad I know but to me its not a holiday without lots of family. She will also have Dentin's parents over, I am not sure about his brother thats still here but probably him too. We will then peruse the newspaper to see what deals are out there and yep, Black Friday here we come!!!!

I guess I better stop now and figure out how to get on my own site.
Happy Thanksgiving!