Saturday, March 7, 2009

Big Brother

So last night I was talking with Corbin about life. Discussing going to college, dating, you know, all the social aspects of College life. He is getting very excited. Somehow we got on the subject of getting married. I have always told my kids they should wait until they are at least 25 yrs old to get married. Over the last few years Corbin has taken on a lot of responsibility and at times seems much older that his 17 yrs. I figure he would be ok if he married right after his mission because he is so responsible. Anyway long story short I told him I could see Kortney getting married during her first year of college. She is a sweetheart and very naive. Corbin was so cute he said he would keep the guys away and he would be the one cleaning his gun on the porch when her date showed up. It was the first time I have seem him be really protective of his sister, I thought it was very sweet. There is hope for this gang, now if I could get him and Trevor to be friends I will consider my child rearing a success.

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